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About J A Johnstone Chauffeur Drive

Owner Jim Johnstone started out as a salesman travelling throughout the Scottish Highlands and Islands selling food products to the catering industry. When he was about 24 years old it finally dawned on him that, whilst the travelling part was great, he was not really cut out to be a salesman.

As a 'short term measure' he applied for a license to operate a taxi in his home town of Inverness, and in July of 1981 his new career began.

He very quickly realised there was a market for a higher quality service combined with a firm guarantee of standards, so within the year he made his first moves toward providing just that for both business and tourist travellers. In particular he recognised that when it came to private touring people were certainly looking for a clean quality vehicle, but of equal importance was the abilities of their driver. It had to be someone who not only knew where they were going, but also something about the history and culture of the places they were visiting. A learning process began and it was not long before travel agents from various parts of the world started to seek Jim Johnstone as the driver/guide for their clients visits to Scotland.

Though operating in partnership with others in the early years Jim soon took overall control and the business became J A Johnstone Chauffeur Drive.

The same pursuit of high standards and attention to detail was applied to our chauffeur service for business travellers with the result that we are now widely recognised as the leading chauffeur drive operator in the North of Scotland.

Our small fleet of (mostly) Mercedes Benz Cars and Mini-Vans are dealer maintained to a very high standard with frequent, basic, checks being carried out by Jim himself. Joan Morrison (car cleaner extraordinaire - who has worked with us for many years) then ensures that each vehicle is impeccably presented.

Whilst Jim's wife Rose has kept the “administrative wheels” turning over the years we are both, in more recent times, very grateful to have the invaluable assistance of our good friends Carol and Alan Budgen. During the hectic summer months it is the calm, professional, voice of Carol you are likely to hear at the end of our phone line. Though, of course, there is no total escape from office work this does allow Jim to spend more of his time doing, quite simply, what he does best. It means that he is still the lead chauffeur, and at his happiest when driving guests on an extended private tour of Scotland. Though this is the area he knows best Jim has, over the years, also been the driver/guide for individuals and small groups touring throughout England, Ireland and Wales.

We really are fortunate to be joined by a select group of very experienced friends and colleagues who, we know, are determined to maintain the same high standards that helped J A Johnstone Chauffeur Drive to become the successful business it is today.

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